Baking and Pastry Arts Program

Set your sights on becoming a creative and well-renowned pastry chef

Gain a better understanding of the baking profession and gain the skills necessary to thrive in the industry. This course teaches the theories, methods and techniques with what is considered a chef’s greatest culinary challenge, and enables one to go beyond just following recipes.

Program Flow
Beginning with the basics, students learn the important aspects of food preparation such as food safety and sanitation, core baking and pastry skills, and selecting ingredients needed through product identification.

From there they progress to skills and techniques in baking, starting with the procedures and production of yeast products for bread-making to an in-depth study of the different facets of baking: basic syrups, cremes and sauces that give baked goods a unique character, different varieties of quick breads, pies and fillings, as well as the intricacies of baking cookies and petit fours. Their creativity and skills are further developed as they learn the finer skills of creating specialty cakes, pastry and baked meringues, tarts and special pastries, custards, puddings, mousses, and soufflés.

As part of the program, students are required to undergo a 200-hour immersion for first-hand training and application of their skills and a 400-hour externship where they apply their knowledge in real-life situations in a hotel or restaurant setting.

By the program’s end, students would be able to make cakes, confections, breads, and elegant desserts as well as innovate and create their own intricate recipes.

Length of Course: 6 months

Admission Requirements

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