Premiere Program

By mastering two fields, you’ll end up a supremely skilled and well-rounded chef

This course combines our two most popular programs, namely International Culinary Arts Program and Baking and Pastry Arts Program

Premiere Program

Cultivate service and excellence

While students are shown how to use the tools and skills to make the recipes they have seen and envisioned, there is more to be learned within and beyond the academy. There are the usual classroom activities such as lectures and presentations, and students at AICA are also brought to places such as the market to collect their produce and go as far as set-up an authentic dining experience to go with the dishes they prepare. Students are tested for their full understanding of the process to the dish, as well as how it tastes. Where they may work at length in the kitchen, every lecture ends at the dining area, in a collaborative setting where they debrief and discuss how put their dishes together. Their learning extends into many hours of on-the-job training and kitchen immersion, where they get first-hand experience in an authentic working environment.

In that last stretch before students finish their program of study, they showcase everything they’ve learned through an intensive week-long restaurant simulation. Students conceptualize a menu and present their dishes in a set-up that mirrors a working restaurant and are assessed by a panel of experts that includes AICA faculty and alumni with flourishing careers in the culinary and baking industries. The premiere program produces the very best of the culinary world, well-rounded and experienced chefs and bakers who are sought after and valued in the professional culinary industry.

Length of Course: 1 year and 6 months

Admission Requirements


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