Diploma for International Culinary Arts

A world-class culinary education for those aspiring to be a great international chef.

This NCII TESDA Certified program is perfect for anyone aspiring to jumpstart their
culinary career. It aims to equip you with a strong theoretical foundation and skills necessary for making your way in the industry.

Beginning with the basics, you will be learning important aspects of food preparation like food safety and sanitation based from international standards, knife handling skills, and culinary terms. You will also get to familiarize yourself with different premium-grade ingredients used and processed in industry-grade facilities which gives you a more professional feel in the kitchen. Professional chef instructors will train and guide you along the way in a focused and personal approach given its small classroom setup.

Market tours are a unique feature of program wherein you go on-site to familiarize yourself with the different areas of the local market, where to locate your basic needs, and how to shop for the ingredients of the dish you aim to create.

After your in-house training, the program will take you to restaurants or hotels for immersion in actual industry practices and culture. Each student is given a 150-hour immersion in their designated establishment to practice what they’ve learned and gain more knowledge from those already in the industry.

Length of Course: 6 months

Admission Requirements

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