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Presenting… our new ARTISAN COURSES for September/October 2018!

Allow these hands-on short courses to mold and develop your natural talents, inside or outside the kitchen, into a lifelong pursuit. Message us for details right away!


Fee: Php 2,300.00 Sept 15, 2018 from 9:00am to 1:00pm


Fee: Php 2,500.00
October 6, 2018


Fee: Php 2,300.00
September 29, 2018


Fee: Php 2,300.00
September 22, 2018 from 9:00am to 1:00pm




14th-Century Cookbook ‘Profoundly Rich Resource for Egyptian Culinary Heritage’ — ArabLit

“Our anonymous author was most probably a gourmet cook himself but not necessarily a professional cook. He might have had a profession like those people to support his family, and wrote about cooking, his passion.”

via 14th-Century Cookbook ‘Profoundly Rich Resource for Egyptian Culinary Heritage’ — ArabLit

Medicinal Herbs Versus Culinary Herbs — Tony Tomeo

They are NOT the same thing! Many herbs can be useful for both culinary and medicinal applications, but the distinction between the two is very important. Culinary herbs are used to flavor foods. Medicinal herbs are used like pharmaceutical drugs; but they lack the main safety feature of standardization. That means that they are potentially […]

via Medicinal Herbs Versus Culinary Herbs — Tony Tomeo

Enrollment for Diploma Course is Ongoing

Be confident and ready to enter the international culinary scene with a degree from AICA. Enrollment is ongoing. Click this link to inquire now.


ServSafe Certification Course at AICA

The Academy for International Culinary Arts will be conducting a SERVSAFE FOOD PROTECTION MANAGER CERTIFICATION COURSE.

ServSafe is one of the leading food safety training and certification programs. Recognized by the American National Standards Institute under the Conference for Food Protection Standards and the National Restaurant Association, it has set the standards for food safety training and certifications and is accepted in at least 80 countries worldwide. 

The Servsafe Food Protection Manager Certification is a 2-day training program that is very beneficial to all food service professionals and provides an advantage to those looking to advance their careers, as food safety certifications are requirements in many of the well-known establishments worldwide.

Please contact Ms. Ella Roxas at our front desk for registration and enrollment. Only 15 slots are available.

Date: August 25 and September 1, 2018 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

This course combines Diploma for International Culinary Arts and Diploma for Baking & Pastry Arts

The program also includes studies of specific cuisines, management training, and service styles

Set your sights on becoming a creative and well-renowned pastry chef

Dreams, Now Baking

Have your sights set on being the next rock star pastry chef or baker?

Get a head start on a long and successful career. Enroll now at The Academy for International Culinary Arts to get expert instruction, keen insight, and skillful guidance from our baking and pastry instructor, Chef Cherry.

Send us a message to ask about our payment options! You may also browse our other course offerings at

Through The (Kitchen) Fire

Real-life readiness is the quality that all AICA Culinary graduates share when they go out into the real world. Many of the world’s best chefs are those who’ve gone through extreme and powerful kitchen experiences that helped to mold and shape them into the experts they are today. At AICA, we take a holistic approach in preparing students who aspire to succeed in the culinary world by subjecting them to intense simulations of true-to-life situations in professional kitchens. For internship-bound students, we conduct a heightened restaurant-simulation test that challenges them to go through a series of grueling tasks while maintaining the proper techniques and high standards that were instilled upon them by their mentors.

This physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging activity is a test of the students’ willpower and discipline. Of course, going through this exhausting assignment better prepares them for what’s to come in their culinary careers in the real world. Backed by substantial internship experiences with industry partners both locally and overseas, AICA graduates, having gone through the fire of such reality-focused school activities, are then effectively primed to succeed in their chosen field.