Artisan Course

Learn a handy skill or pursue your passion even for just a day


An artisan is a person who is highly skilled with their hands. Allow these hands-on short courses to mold and develop your natural talents, inside or outside the kitchen, into a lifelong pursuit.

Interesting, fun, and easy to learn, find an artisan course or two that interests you!

Ideal For: Hobbyists, Entrepreneurs, etc.

Length of Course: One (1) Day

Topics and schedule for 2018:

Poultry Preparation and Cooking
Having problems with roast chicken that comes out dry and bland? Wondering how a whole chicken is cut up without ruining your knife? Learn how to properly cut up and debone chicken like a pro and learn how the pros cook them without the stress!

Basic Egg Cookery
Ever wanted to make the perfect breakfast with perfectly cooked eggs? The moist, creamy scrambled eggs, the delicate poached egg, the perfect boiled eggs without the dreaded grey ring around the yolk, and the perfect creamy omelet.

Creative Egg Cookery
Confident enough with the basic omelet, scrambled, fried, and boiled eggs? Learn the more creative and advanced techniques such as Japanese Souffle Pancake, Baked Duck Eggs with Mushrooms and Greens, and Home-Cured Duck Egg and Uni Carbonara.

The Perfectly Moist Thanksgiving Roast Turkey
Roast turkey need not be dry and bland. Learn how to prepare the perfectly moist and flavorful roast turkey.

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