I’ve seen countless lists of essential tools that belong in every kitchen. But what about the unsung heroes of the kitchen that are as handy to a chef as a Swiss-Army knife?

Kitchen Towels


Dry kitchen towels can be folded then used to handle hot pans and other tools or equipment. They can also be used on hard-to-open containers. Another use is as an insulator for hot pans or trays placed on the table or on a counter top. Wet kitchen towels are used to wipe down counter tops and for securing chopping boards so they don’t move around when used.

Bowls of Various Sizes and Trays


These multi-use wonders can be used for mixing, organizing prepared ingredients, and to get rid of clutter.

Vegetable Peeler


Compared to using a knife, a good quality peeler ensures that only the inedible skin is removed, maximizing all the edible parts. Added bonus: they may also be used to make cheese or chocolate shavings.

Can Opener


A good quality can opener that virtually lasts you a lifetime also makes sure that opening cans are faster and safer.

Spoons…A Lot Of Spoons


You can never have enough spoons. Don’t think so? Just take a look at all of its handy uses:

ï‚· For tasting
ï‚· for pouring sauces onto the plate
ï‚· for pressing or leveling
ï‚· for scooping ice cream or any soft food items into qunelles
ï‚· for scraping
ï‚· for peeling ginger

This is my personal list of most neglected, but just as essential, kitchen tools that can help make the work of any chef easier and more efficient. What kitchen tools would be included in your list?

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