Through The (Kitchen) Fire

Real-life readiness is the quality that all AICA Culinary graduates share when they go out into the real world. Many of the world’s best chefs are those who’ve gone through extreme and powerful kitchen experiences that helped to mold and shape them into the experts they are today. At AICA, we take a holistic approach in preparing students who aspire to succeed in the culinary world by subjecting them to intense simulations of true-to-life situations in professional kitchens. For internship-bound students, we conduct a heightened restaurant-simulation test that challenges them to go through a series of grueling tasks while maintaining the proper techniques and high standards that were instilled upon them by their mentors.

This physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging activity is a test of the students’ willpower and discipline. Of course, going through this exhausting assignment better prepares them for what’s to come in their culinary careers in the real world. Backed by substantial internship experiences with industry partners both locally and overseas, AICA graduates, having gone through the fire of such reality-focused school activities, are then effectively primed to succeed in their chosen field.

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