Culinary Dreams Begin Here!

AICA believes in indulging in culinary excellence. We ensure that our graduates have the edge to succeed in their careers by providing a firm theoretical foundation through 100% hands-on applications. Our programs and curricula address the different needs of various individuals who seek to be professionals in the food service and hospitality industry. Here at AICA, we create well-rounded individuals by providing them with theoretical learning, practical training, and actual experience.

Students of the Academy stand out, not only in terms of the strong culinary foundation that our graduates are known for but, through their overall educational experience as well. The Academy offers our students a rich, flavorful, and unforgettable training on the culinary arts as they are exposed to our traditional yet relevant and efficient methods of education as a true indulgence to culinary excellence. In addition to that we also offer them two new programs unique to the Academy:


We now allow our students to be able to cross-enroll between our Manila and Cebu branches. Students are now able to enhance their learning experience by having the liberty of deciding the environment that they want to have to accentuate their studies. Do you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila and be able to get away to Cebu to concentrate on your learning? Would you like to experience the fast-paced lifestyle of Metro Manila as you delve into the fresh learning flavors of the Culinary Arts? The Academy makes it all possible.

Course Customization

Only at the Academy do you have access to customizing your own learning experience. As we offer different culinary courses of various specializations, we offer all our students, be they short-course students or students of the Academy’s Premier International Culinary Arts Diploma Course, to extend their learning as they desire to our other courses WHILE avoiding the hassle of retaking classes that they have already taken. This program leads to unique learning experiences while saving on the courses that already have been credited to them.

Be prepared for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience here at the Academy. It’s time to indulge in culinary excellence!

The Academy’s Premier International Culinary Arts Diploma Course

Certificate in Commercial Cooking

Certificate in the Fundamentals of Professional Cooking

Certificate in the Fundamentals of Professional Asian Cooking

Certificate in the Fundamentals of Professional European Cooking

Certificate in the Fundamentals of Professional Baking and Pastry

Special Elective Courses:

Food Styling

Bartending and Cocktail Mixing

Front of the House Service


Specialty Baking and Pastry

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