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Improving Your Cooking Skills

Posted by AICA Admin, from Nov 08 to Nov 13 2012

Cooking may be taken seriously by some. Others consider it as a profession but for some people, it is a hobby that they will enjoy doing for a lifetime. The introduction of culinary arts took cooking in a different perspective. From being an act of preparing food with the use of fire and other basic techniques, cooking is now regarded as an art.


While it is true that one can make a decent living for being a good cook, some people would like to improve their cooking skills so they can serve better dishes to their family and friends as they find immense joy in creating irresistible meals that will be surely enjoyed by the ones who will get a taste of it. For food enthusiasts and cooking hobbyists, here are some tips that can help improve culinary skills.


1.       Practice through cook books.

Buy recipe books and try it at home. Cook books authored by well-known chefs will also be helpful. The good thing about cook books is that all the ingredients needed are already provided and the instructions are very detailed. The instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow. To make the recipe more personalized, add more ingredients and make the dish your very own.


2.       Watch more cooking shows.

Cooking shows on TV or those that are sold in DVDs are very useful. Compared to reading cooking books, cooking shows allow the viewers to actually see how everything is done. One advantage of watching these videos is that the audience won’t have a hard time figuring out the right way to do the procedure since everything is being demonstrated.


3.       Attend recreational cooking courses.

Signing up to recreational culinary arts classes will be very beneficial especially to cooking hobbyists who want formal lessons in cooking. As much as practicing through cook books and instructional videos can be cheaper, the benefits in attending culinary schools that offer classic culinary education are far greater because the principles behind the different cooking techniques will also be provided. One school that stands out in culinary education is the Academy for International Culinary Arts. This school also offers special classes for baking and making specialty cakes.


4.       Exchange ideas with other cooking enthusiasts.

Be around like-minded people. When one talks to several cooking hobbyists, exchanging ideas on recipes and techniques will take place. People who love to cook may bond with their friends who have the same hobby. They may also meet new people with the same interest in cooking by enrolling in schools like AICA wherein students in the same classes share tips and cooking advice to one another.


5.       Make original recipes.

Improving skills in cooking may involve a little trial-and-error. Perhaps derived from a previous recipe only improved by applying personal style in cooking, add ingredients that will make the dishes tastier. Cooking buffs may also try making their own recipes by experimenting with different ingredients and spices. To successfully create an amazing dish, two things are needed – creativity and imagination.