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How to Choose the Best Culinary School

Posted by AICA Admin, from Sep 19 to Sep 24 2012


Aspiring students of culinary classes must be careful in choosing the best school that offers courses in cooking. With various universities and colleges that have programs in culinary arts, not all curriculum and quality of training will suit you. So if you are currently hunting for a good school that will train you to become a good chef, make sure that you consider the following factors.

1.       School information

This is a very important part because as a student who will pay good money for the tuition fee, you deserve to get your money’s worth. Study the school's mission and vision and make sure that it is aligned with your objective. You may also gather information about the school's history, how it was established and how long has it been in the industry. You must also take note of the different courses that they offer, the curriculum, and their system of training.


2.       Reputation

The school's reputation may be learned from its past students and how they have helped their graduates to achieve their goals. You may ask your family and friends if they know something about the school or if they know anyone who took classes there. Their opinion will greatly matter because most probably, you will expect the same once you have enrolled on their culinary program.


3.       Number of students per class

For you to learn better, gauge whether the number of students per class is less or more. If classes have few numbers of students, this means that the instructor can focus on teaching especially during demonstrations. You can freely ask questions anytime and the bonding formed between students will be more meaningful.


4.       Campus

Checking out the campus before signing up is very vital. Looking at the pictures in brochures and websites is different from seeing the actual campus. When you pay the school a visit before enrolling in one of their programs, you will get the "feel" whether the campus is right for you or not. You will also see how their equipments and facilities look like. A good campus must have complete cooking tools and equipment and must have an adequate space for kitchen. For lecture classes, the rooms must be conducive for discussions.


5.       Instructors

Knowing your future instructors is also essential. They must not only be professional but as teachers, you must be able to feel confident that you are learning from the best and that they are the right people to help you achieve your dream of becoming a chef. They must have a good track record and must be eligible to teach culinary arts.


Getting a formal education in culinary arts is beneficial. Culinary schools such as the Academy for International Culinary Arts can provide you with the proper education and the best training possible. AICA is a trusted culinary school that can give you a strong foundation as you pursue a career in the food industry. Their courses are intensive and are specifically designed for food enthusiasts and for people who are passionate in taking a career in culinary arts.