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Founded in 2004, the Academy for International Culinary Arts prides itself in providing world-class education. The AICA faculty is composed of top professionals that are renowned in each of their respective fields of culinary arts. Our chefs not only serve as mentors to our students, they impart the passion and genuine enthusiasm that sets them apart as masters. Our program is designed to prepare individuals for the challenges and adventures that await them in the culinary arena. We have a proven focused classroom set-up, with a 14:1 student-teacher ratio. Students of AICA not only experience 100% hands-on training in every session, they learn to handle the finest premium imported ingredients in our first-class commercial-grade kitchen facilities. This industry level working environment is supported by AICA Restaurant Simulation Program and Restaurant Immersion Program. Our training programs are tailor-fit to address the needs of every individual entering the food service and hospitality industries, be they hobbyists, beginners, aspirants, or professionals. At AICA, we believe that our focus on both Theory and Practice will create masters that are armed with the competitive knowledge and know-how to succeed in culinary arts. The Academy offers a wide array of program to cater exactly to your culinary needs and desires. Not only do we give Diploma Programs to train those who want to break into the Culinary Industry, but we also offer recreational courses to those who just want to enjoy the culinary arts at a casual pace. We offer courses such as the Fundamentals of Professional Cooking, a course that just gives you a fun and relaxed dose of kitchen training, and Summer Cooking Fun, a summer course just for kids. Here in the Academy, we guarantee that you will find a course fit for your needs and more!

Our Chefs

Chef Johann Young
Culinary Program Director
Chef Nell Badere
Chef Josh Sobremonte
Chef B Camposano

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