Saturday Diploma Class

Saturday Diploma Class

Want to study culinary arts but need to work on regular work days? In AICA, it's possible.
Many want to pursue a career in the culinary industry but were hindered by practicality and mostly, conflicts on schedules. Some may have the money to study the culinary arts but find schedule of classes unfit for their work schedules. Sad to say, these conflicts have kept people from pursuing their passion and living out their culinary dreams.
With that in mind, the Academy is now opening a Saturday diploma class for those who want to pursue culinary arts without compromising their weekday work schedule. What's more is you get to earn your Diploma for International Culinary Arts for as low as Php9,300 a month, talk about practicality and convenience!
Your enrollment will include all that you need in class and assures you that you are dealing with fresh and premium-grade ingredients, not cheap substitutes. This will save you time and the hassles of going to the market to purchase your ingredients; and focus your attention to what is important before classes.
Indulge in culinary excellence as professional Chef instructors teach you the techniques and equip you in your journey in the world of culinary arts. This diploma program will run for one-year including immersion and externship trainings.
Finally pursue your passion and still consider practicality - AICA welcomes you for a discussion.


Manila Campus             

Start of class:  February 17, 2018

(Saturday - 8:00AM - 4:00PM)

*Offer available in Pasig and Cebu Campus.
**Schedules may be subject to change without prior notice.