Diploma for Advanced International Culinary Arts and Professional Kitchen Management

Diploma for Advanced International Culinary Arts and Professional Kitchen Management

It is composed of subjects that teach you specific skills and knowledge that intensifies in difficulty as you progress. Skills such as basic knife handling, sauce making, cooking methods and techniques, to name a few, are practiced even in the succeeding lessons and since partnered with more hands - on training, mastery is achieved.
This diploma will continue on by teaching you more about garde manger and charcuterie producing perfectly crafted hams, sausages, terrines, galantines and pates. It is concluded by a garde manger platter completion to showcase each team's production.
And talk about being internationally competent, this program tours you around the world through your palate. Train and familiarize you senses and palate to distinctive tastes and flavors of various cuisines from around the globe. Learn the culture and techniques of cooking dishes from American, Mediterranean, European and Asian regions using high-quality ingredients and not mere substitutes. This is a great part of the program where other schools offer in a separate class. Wine pairing is also discussed in this level.
As time passed by, more and more people have become health conscious that they don't just work out but also radically changed their food choices. AICA then integrated healthy cooking in this program where you learn about food nutrients and their sources, and the principles of healthy cooking. You will also explore different ingredient substitutes and alternatives to still be able to eat and serve favorite dishes without compromising health requirements and restrictions.
Restaurant Simulation, better known as "Hell Week" is also included in this curriculum to put to the test the students' culinary skills and at the same time, challenge their entrepreneurial and management skills. It is a one-week activity where the batch plans for their "own" restaurant, and implement these plans to success. Students will cover conceptualizing the whole restaurant theme, menu planning, setup and decorations, even the food preparation and service. They are to serve ala carte dishes to their guests, implement a degustation service, and prepare for a brunch or buffet setup.
Another highlight of the program is Career Planning and Management. Our Chef Instructors will guide students in developing a restaurant feasibility paper they can someday pursue giving it their own concept, kitchen layout, and menus. As a student, you also get to practice proper food costing and even recipe research and development. This will help prepare you should you decide to pursue a career on the entrepreneurial side of the industry.
A 600-hour externship or on-the-job training will then be your ground to actually practice and acquire real-life experiences not usually learned at school. You will be working hand-in-hand with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences in the kitchen, which helps you, gain more knowledge of the industry you are about to get into.
Well-rounded, and internationally competent you are as you finish the program. Join the AICA family and let us help you get closer to reaching your culinary dreams.


Manila Campus & Cebu Campus             

Start of class:   April 16. 2018

(Monday - Friday)

(1:00PM - 5:00PM)

*Schedules are to be announced and may be subject to change.