AICA’s Premiere Diploma

AICA's Premiere Diploma

This program combines the mastery of both Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts. In less than two years, you gain the edge of becoming a well-rounded chef, excelling in both fields.

The journey begins with the Diploma for Advanced International Culinary Arts and Professional Kitchen ManagementIt is composed of subjects that teach you specific skills and knowledge that intensifies in difficulty as you progress. Skills such as basic knife handling, sauce making, cooking methods and techniques, to name a few are practiced even in the succeeding lessons and since partnered with more hands - on training, mastery is achieved. The program also allows you to train your palate and senses to a vast sea of tastes, flavors and premium - grade ingredients as you take on cooking cuisines from around the globe. What's more is that you don't only get to master culinary arts but is also equipped for the business side of it. You develop your entrepreneurial skills by doing a feasibility study - writing a business plan, menu planning and operations management, to restaurant public relations and marketing. A restaurant simulation will strengthen these skills as you and classmates manage and run your "own" restaurant for a week.

The Diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts is another specialization one can learn from this program. Cookies, pies and tarts, soufflés and mousses, and cakes are among the goodies students can learn making in this level. The goal here is not just to teach you the recipes, but to train you to master the techniques to the point that you yourself can come up and price your own recipes.

Since it is industry - based, AICA has also designed immersion and externship programs that will expose you to what is real in the industry. You will be taken on-site to put your learnings into practice and work in restaurants, hotels, or other culinary enterprise. This brings you a real-life experience which we found to be a very good teacher.

As you finish the whole program, you can expect to be a professional ready to take on any culinary challenge with ease and excellence.

Join us in AICA!


Manila Campus

Start of class:   June 18, 2018

(Monday - Friday)

(1:00PM - 5:00PM)

Cebu Campus                     

Start of class:   May 21, 2018

(Monday - Friday)

(1:00PM - 5:00PM)

*Schedules are to be announced and may be subject to change.

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    1. Hi Mims! Next Batch will be on March. If you have queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at +632.671.0276 to 77 loc. 102.

      You can also visit us at Academy for International Culinary Arts Unit 207 Skyway Twin Towers Capt. Henry P. Javier St. Pasig City.

      Enrollment is on going ! 🙂

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